A Life Without Destruction//Heal Myself With My Own Heart

A Life Without Destruction


so simple, soft and fair

so boring without the despair

But I guess the colors will fulfill themselves

by time

and that new dimensions will grow

from below

It´s not that it´s all grey

the light is shining clear

and theres a smell

of eldel berry

from the tree

beside me

How to behave as myself?

All the roles I played

all the songs I´ve made

about fights and screaming

dirt and bleeding

about hate and war

lies to linger my story ground

I´m so emty without this destruction

agave love seems to grow

so slow

and I hunger for something more quick

from below

How can life create itself in this other dimension?

All those quick fix fights

sexual wars of Woland in me

have to pass

Then I´m left with sanity

and it´s harder

than ever




But I´m already free

and for the first time in my life

I´m not lonely

for a heart

have started

to grow


of my hole

// By Agnes Mercedes EK

agnes mercedes skeleton sketch
a life without destruction by agnes mercedesheal myself with my own heart by agnes mercedes

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